I guess I couldn't mention the NOX-606 without highlighting the fact that the layout looks remarkably similar to the Allen & Heath Xone 92 analogue mixer. (Those flappin' can stop flappin' now). In any case it just means that there's plenty of potential scope to move onto something familiar although vastly pricier as a pro grade mixer option that's held in much higher regard amidst the DJ elite if needs require or budget permits. But I guess the main difference here is that with the Behringer NOX range of mixers the sound quality on them is in fact actually claimed to be good unlike Behringer's first couple of Pioneer like clones they used to carry as their flagships long ago. Plus there's the fact that the NOX's are also equipped with glide rail light sensing sliders on the cross fader helping to avoid that all inevitable bleed of standard sliders. But back to the Allen & Heath Xone 92. Official snaps and wordage on it here.