Awwe man we're doomed I tells ya'! DOOMED! But just before we get to that point and head for the hills to hide from the impending fall of mankind in a Matrix like future check this out. Of course I'm only joking... at least I think I am. Anyhow Kinect (formally Natal)? What's that? Apparently these things read your mind and are out now for a mere $299, which is about the price of a console system. I'm guessing its going to be quite some time before we see these in the average punters abode just for the sole purpose of freaking out to a game (but with the prices of some of these Rockband controllers that people seemed to be willing to pay I could be wrong). But I reckon it could only serve to enhance other already availible options such as Kinect by using them together in some way since there's arleady a bunch of devices that pick up biometric input sources none invasively to make machines do things for the most part. Wait a minute Babylon's supposed to be underground right?