Staying on the theme of getting a lot more bang for your buck at the top end of the netbook price range, I just happened to stumble across the Lenovo IdeaPad U350. I was initially a little hesitant about putting this up as many reviews were citing its general lack of speed as a major weakness for such an expensive machine at its original recommended retail price of around £700. But to be getting netbook like performances at well under £400 (roughly the price of top end Netbooks in the UK) with the added bonus of a full keyboard and large 13.3" 1366x768 LED screen it was hardly anything to be actually complaining about.


One thing I didn't mention earlier was that in all the many reviews I'd checked out where the main complaints were about its overall speed they were in fact using the single core ULV version. This one does in fact come with a ULV core2duo processor (that's two processing cores) pegging it above nearly all single core netbooks out there on the performance front which in turn should make this thing perform much better then it did for the reviewers. Plus this thing also got in on the fact that its incredibly easy on the eye whilst employing sensible use of materials and textures that don't leave you yawning or with mild outwardly projected OCD like tendencies by keeping large reflective plastic surfaces to a minimum. All in all a good thing for a device that is intended to be regularly transported and handled within its actual intended purpose. Other then that there's a claimed maximum of 8 hours before it starts telling you it needs some mains powered assistance to keep going, it uses 3 gig's of DDR3 1066MHz RAM and comes with Windows 7 home premium pre-installed on a 250GB hard drive. Full specs and somewhere to buy it for the price of a netbook here (£379.78 inclusive of delivery and VAT).