Kinect. So what's the deal? Having heard so much about it maybe might be time to delve into the hands on of gesture air swiping antics whilst browsing music and movie collections using only the force (if not actual motion detection and real time biometric feedback). That's if you don't actually use the voice command feature to get your Xbox360 to do stuff if you're not feeling particularly active. Very futuristic indeed and although the offices of Apple aren't likely to have one of these I could imagine the likes of Jobs using a similar technology to navigate his office computer via gestures with wall covering jumbo sized 3D screens. That's if he hasn't already gone onto immersive 3D holographic imagining that doesn't require any glasses at all via yet you be released to the consuming market technology.  But as far as spectacle free 3D imaging goes I wouldn't be surprised if the technology already exists since we've had 3D holographic imaging within the public domain for well over 20 years now with theme parks selling static 3D holographic laser images as novelty items. I guess its just a case of getting the images from a static medium  to a dynamically moving one. But no doubt something will have been "abrewing" on that front if not reached a decent level of workable maturity behind closed doors.

Back to the point though. Beyond gesture and voice command for media browsing how responsive will it be as a controller for the specialised games? More when I get to doing the do.

In the meantime it doesn't look like the potential of Kinect is going to be purely limited to just the Xbox360 since there's already a fair amount of growing unofficial development for Kinect as a means of  interaction for interactive installations of digital arts and media in a none gaming capacity. More interesting is there is even talk to bringing the Kinect to the PC as an official means of controlling it which would definitely bring the means of interaction through leaps and bounds although still a seeming novelty at this time with all the unofficial development that's gone into it.