Native instruments have suddenly decided that they need to represent in a more solid way on the vinyl emulation front by producing their own two channel mixer with built in audio interface for their Traktor software. I've seen lots of drool worthy images of the minimalist designed Z2 two channel NI Traktor mixer, but I've been trying to reserve blog wordage on it till some expert hands on feedback was more available on the DVS handling front. It's now almost been two weeks since seeing the teaser snaps and still no solid word on how the infinium glide rail slider handles on a routine juggle over its dimensions. Even more pressure for NI to deliver since it's been touted as being directed at the turntablists amongst the disk jockeying lovers that need to satisfy that high speed vinyl twitchy crabbing beat juggling itch.

I can see that just in how they've put the thought into layout with it's completely free of clutter surface arrangement  and the controls being well spaced apart. Even the glossy surface is completely flush (bar the actual controls) in being free of any type of bump or screw and thus also the high speed scratch technicians foe of "knuckle busters". I'm by no means any kind of seasoned turntablists by a long shot in mainly staying the side of thoughtful meandering progressive mixing with a whole bunch of EQ twiddling for the main part, but is it just me that's a little puzzled by its dimensions with said hair trigger like turntablists  technician like intentions?

The thing is absolutely huge! In fact its as wide as 4 channel mixer. Sure high speed precision scratch mixing is still doable on a 4 channel mixer, but with this being a two channel mixer specifically targeted at tempting serious scratch DJ's into the Traktor fold over other established options, you'd think they would have slimmed it down much more to decrease distance between the two spinning vinyl platters and the crossfader? Whatever the case, its still certainly all in one audio interface/two channel mixer/DVS eye candy for sure, and they seem to be pushing it as more of real time production/performance tool that looks pretty capable for such purposes too judging by the video advert for it.