Despite what people say about the Windows Mobile platform it can't be denied that it has plenty of software support under its belt official and unofficial. Ranging from the highly polished and reliable to the not so polished. You definitely won't be stuck for relatively slickly made legit applications for all the latest social networking and messaging fads to sweep across the internet for unwired and instant access from a hand held device. 

Its strange how people say they want a universal standard on some kind of platform that can be used by everyone. But when that’s kind of achieved people then complain there's not enough variety or competition which is fair enough. But as ever you can't win whatever you do.

Sure there's obviously better and more intuitive ways to do things with ease and the interface should have evolved a long time ago, but for the moment Windows mobile 6.1 will be more then sufficient for my needs since it essentially does have more then enough polished and reliable application support. For me personally I haven't quite been able to ditch the physical keypad in having become reasonably proficient at speed typing via a qwerty keypad and for the moment I can't think of a faster way of inputting text when typing on such devices. 

All that aside its said that this thing has a sturdy solid quality build and feel to it meaning it should last a while which is exactly what I'm looking for. Personally I reckon its physical design in terms of appearance isn't the flashiest or most attractive (compared to obvious examples that I won't mention for being that obvious) but its definitely clean and nonsense free. Contextually it certainly wouldn't look out of place amidst my combination and choice of gear. At 400Mhz its certainly faster then my previous phone which should no doubt help for better VoIP, YouTube and efficient handling of moderate multi-tasking of around 2 to 3 apps. It even has built in satellite GPS meaning you'll be able to use pre-loaded maps without having to use a subscription based navigation service and your data connection when using GPS. Equipped with 3G and 3.5G it should be relatively future proof not to mention fast, that's if they ever actually allow for full 7.2MB/s wireless access on their 3G/3.5G networks before the inevitable arrival of 4G.If thats too far away I guess the Wi-Fi will just have to do if you're in range of a hotspot.

The reason for the interest in this device? Well with a search you'll be able to dig one of these up brand new from a large retailer at a vastly discounted price. If you're lucky you'll find it for under a third of most big retailers asking prices.Sure, with Windows mobile 7 on the hirozon in alls its hipster GUI glory, we're not exactly on the bleeding edge here but this thing certainly holds its own agains all the current competion of its kind and definately offers alot more features for the price.

Will it be used as an music player? Nope I already have one of those that does it pretty well seperately in all its classic podness. All this convergance is great but there's one thing that they seemed to have over looked. Being able to do all these things from a single hand held devices drains the battery and shortens the actual uptime of any potential useful functionally converged device. At the same time we're making slimmer and smaller devices meaning less room for lager battery storage capacity. Meaning to be productive for longer you'd still have to carry seperate devices for doing different things.

They've got it here for less then a third of the price.