Controller after controller, for none to really make me want to throw down any words for them for not having had any hands on and only being able to just look on from afar for the main part. But all of a sudden the least likely of candidates suddenly throws down themselves with actual DJ controllerism hardware substance that even made me take a second look. It says Pioneer on it but there's just something about it that whiffs of  Numark's Ns6 Serato itch controller. In fact I'd say Pioneer's DJSX controller layout might have taken from the Ns6 for the main part to have then been refined a little with a bunch of pioneer like details and features.

The DJSX has also been built to harness all the latest features of Serato's newest software. If that wasn't enough they've also managed to squeeze in 16 pressure sensitive finger drum pads onto its surface, and it even has the distinctive rolling LED track position indicators from their CDJ range at the centre on each of the jog wheels. At an expected 800GBP it was certainly much cheaper than I had expected for a Pioneer branded offering of this type, but it still places it on a pricing rung that’s much higher then other none Pioneer branded alternatives. It might be worth considering that at the premium over similarly functional alternate branded equipment you still won't be getting an industry standard in terms of equipment used in clubs despite the industry standard credibility and reputation of the Pioneer branding. Still though near 10 out of 10 for having that "I want one of those" lust factor about it just on the visual feedback I was getting off the official preview snaps alone.