With the event of Windows 8's release (with crazy speeds in testing so far) and the wider spread of 4G use in mainstream markets destined for the general mass consumer just on the horizon, its apt that Pioneer should put together their take on where the wire free highspeed times of now and the future should be moving as far as the craft of DJing is concerned. At first glance the Pioneer Aero on looks alone doesn't seem to offer anything too ground breaking as far as form factor and layout goes all be it a little more functionally compact then most pro targeted devices of this type with intentions to be taken seriously go, especially coming from a name like Pioneer.

It pretty much looks like many other types of pro targeted digital audio DJ centric two deck players of the two turntable metaphor. But look past the Aero like boarder, tasteful use of contrived functionally arranged none slip shiney chromed buttom platter surfaces against the devices curves and purposeful blue LED's dotted over the work surface and there's a slightly less obvious feature that places even more convenience then most people would generally expect a professional user targeted device of this type to have.

Cables and USB memory cards?! Pah! Thats so pre-historic, this thing apparently allows you to wirelessly draw music from nearly any wireless device for playback and mixing, yeah that even includes phones, pda's, laptops, pretty much any device that can store music with a usable wireless connection. Obviously depending on the implimentation of a particular device its going to be a damn sight easier with some then with others at the general consumer level.

Having said that though there is still the option to play music off USB memory cards and connect cables if required for other reasons. Other notable things whilst scanning the snaps that stuck out to my mind? The MIDI button, probably to optionally use the controller as a midi controller for use with a laptop instead of as a standalone device that doesn't actually need to be connected to a computer to function for its core DJ ability/purpose. I'd expect the midi feature to be used via a wired connection for reasons of reducing latency times and actual reliability, but it'll be interesting to see if they give it the ability to connect wirelessly for midi control purposes too.