I've had a browser tab open on the Chromebook pixel for days in not being quite sure what to say about it whist seeing other various bits on it from other sites. The extreme eyeball catching hardware design had me outright hooked but I couldn't quite figure out what I'd personally do with something that was exclusively locked down for running chrome OS at the price it was expected to be sold at even if I could afford it.

But maybe that was part of the problem with Google having already set the precedence for their internet only intended cloud based devices as something that's vastly more affordable instead of buying a full blown all singing and all dancing overly powerful machine just to solely browse the internet on. (which I reckon there are lot of people guilty of out there). That’s also on top of the fact that anything that usually breaks the unspoken $450 to $499 ceiling whilst being intended for the mass consuming market as a Chromebook device usually gets ripped apart till it does drop within the bounds of a more palatable general perception of what Chromebook's "should" cost. I reckon this is mainly thanks to expectations set by the function that netbooks in general played and the types of people that would buy them as well as the reasons for it until their recent demise in giving way to demand for tablets. The Chromebook pixel is priced at £1049. (not quite sure how many dollars that is at the current exchange rate, but its a lot).

Then I found out that the Pixel had a 1.8Ghz i5 (presumably 1.8Ghz at its base rate whilst not in turbo mode), which seemed a little bit of a waste for something that was only going to be doing internet only type tasks. On top of that it had crazy amounts of high resolution display real-estate for a such a compact and slender device at 2560 x 1700 at 239 PPI. It even had a multi-touch screen and 32GB ssd to boot which are generally a bunch of things you wouldn't normally expect to find on a chromebook.

I think the general consensus is just about right. You should definitely want one but its just not something you should buy. Unless that is you have the kind of income for a luxury targeted internet and cloud based only chromebook device with premium design that’s packing an i5 which would probably never get used to its full potential. (unless you unlock it and install an OS with the capability to run other software which does kind of defeat the object of it being a chromebook). It's definitely the best looking chomebook ever made thus far and it is most certainly lust worthy from an external design standpoint.

Personally I think it looks like a design concept for what might have been a playful look at an alternate Macbook/Macbook pro design based on a couple of Personal Computer laptop design cues, a netbook and a Macbook pro mash up on the ingredients front which have been blended together to have now been cast off and given over to the chromebook pixel vanity project. [official Google chomebook pixel site]