Faderfox has always been a firm favorite of mine for portable compact purpose built midi controllers, I first got hold of one when the LV2 dropped for general acquirement but I remember first clapping eyes on their brand of highly portable digital controllers as far back as the release of the LV1 and the use of Ableton 5 if not an earlier variant. But at 170 to 250 Euro for their newer base models of USB powered dedicated compact midi controllers they're not quite as budget friendly as they once used to be, especially when there are more robust industry standard alternatives from the likes of Allen & heath for 100 to 200 more.  

But having said that Faderfox still has the edge for keeping all very light weight and highly portable as far as digital laptop audio production and digital DJing on the go via a none DVS system was concerned.  Obviously since first arriving on the scene there's been plenty of other commercial compact midi controllers to have hit the scene but they just didn't have the same kind of appeal to my mind for whatever unfathomable reason. Although having said that I was slightly tempted by Stanton's compact touch controller however I wasn't too sure of the lack of actual sliders and pots as a realistically usable none passing novelty alternative. 


Off the back of a bunch of slick preview snaps it seems there might actually be a contender to turn the heads of the Faderfox crowd although it seems like a bit of a crazy recipe that might actually work. 

What do you get when you get very visually pleasing clean LED lit premium like minimal design of the utilitarian leaning on a range of  dedicated compact midi controllers designed to be highly portable and aimed for the budget segment that’s produced by a relatively well known brand of audio hardware equipment producers? Well-there's no word on pricing as of yet, but with the word "budget" thrown in there they can't be that much more then Faderfox's offerings when they do finally hit the market especially against the price points of their current range of entry to mid level analogue mixers and previous midi controllers. The manufacturer?  Berhinger, which does kind of puts the whole budget thing in context. Despite this people might want to keep in mind that Berhinger have been around for much longer then many of the current compact midi controller producers and have a lot of actual tried and tested credibility despite some of the flack they get. They were also generally a cut above the rest of other budget options with actual industry adoption. There'd be many times where I'd see Behringer  gear in a working professional space/setting. 

We're not necessarily talking sound here so I look at this way…

Mechanically I reckon Behringer have more then proven themselves to be more then sufficiently reliable on the DJ mixer front despite some of the gripes they receive concerning the audio frequency dynamic of their pro DJ mixers  range when compared to other premium industry standard options. However I was thinking  more along the lines of their compact midi controllers without built in audio cards  and not their devices with digital audio cards or analogue audio mixing capability since I already have an audio card to use. But here's a few more provocative thigh rubbing snaps of the yet to be released offending articles to wet your DJ hardware fetish pallets.


CMD MM-1 Mixer Control Module




CMD LC-1 Live Control Module


CMD DV-1 Digital Vinyl Control Module

CMD DC-1 Drum Control Module



(...this once has a built in audio card...)