For all those still rocking the two turntable metaphor in home (whether on vinyl turntables or CDJ's) that want a tidy and clutter free way of placing it, you might want to take a look at this. It couldn't be described as anything other then visual candy for slightly easing the seeming manual complexity of pro DJ gear. Yeah it doesn't really bring anything new to the table in terms of functionality against many of the already availible options but it certainly does it in more style.

It would definitely have a place in a trendy bar or a design conscious home and it isn't hard to see where it got it's design cues from, however I think the only over sight might have been not to include some way of tidily accommodating a laptop of some kind as part of the workspace since I reckon a lot of DJ's working this type of rig would have abandoned the stacks of vinyl and CD's for and all in one vinyl emulation setup. Still though as a piece of design that keeps it all neat and sweet for the eye it’s a worthy contender to the style conscious in home disc jockey. Just er… maybe put it somewhere where there's a spare ledge or side table near by to accommodate the lappy? Its certainly a more interesting alternative to the regular ready made metal frame or MDF options. Head on over to the site now.