Yet another Nokia smart phone with a physical qwerty keypad, but at an expected 180 euro in and  around about 3Q 2010 its definitely impressive for the price considering they also throw in 10.2MB/s category 9 3G capability (most folk only likely to see 2MB/s category 5 performance limited by regular standard 3G service providers). With that you'll also get Wi-Fi (Wi-Fi being something that’s usually not included on fresh to market Nokia smart messaging phones at this kind of entry price) and Assisted GPS so unfortunately there's no flight mode orienteering antics to be had here. As you can see they certainly didn't hold back as far as the physical visual aesthetics went when making this thing. The crazy part? It'll apparently go 29 whole days whilst waiting for you to use it as a talkie stick before needing some mains supplied input to keep going. Those crazy about social networking certainly won't be stuck for legit platform options since there are plenty of official free applications for the Symbian OS that it uses which can be installed or removed at your leisure. The fashion conscious need not fret as it also comes in 5 different colors too. Official blurb here.