It hardly got rave reviews when it first landed, and it pretty much got slated by most of the reviews I came across for it. The main claim being that it was an alright camera with excellent picture quality with up to 18.2 megapixels for a jpeg only pocket sized snapper. At well over £250 to £350 MSRP they reckoned they couldn't justify the slow focus performance and the LCD screen blanking out till it had captured all 5 to 10 frames fps and processed them whilst using burst mode, that's while it was recording 1080 50fps(i) video at the same time??! Awl-righty then, so maybe it didn't have any such problems whilst in dedicated picture taking mode.? Who knows.

Essentially the HX10V falls into the mid-mid range bracket of Sony's point and shoot compact camera's with lots of optical zoom at 16x with a larger then average sensor for the size of the camera. It also gets quite high up there in the maximum ISO settings at 12800 for maximum theshold. However, strongly but yet relatively restrained worded reviews that essentially slated it aside, it seems the Camera Center is putting it in at a legit nice price of £139 after all this time. At that price the power to performance scale certainly nearly falls over in the total opposite direction of insane amounts of bang for buck. Whatever the case here's a link to a Korean enthusiasts website just to show what can potentially be done with it.