I'm so glad I waited, as it looks like you can now get closer to NEX-5N features in the newer NEX-F3 (minus the NEX-5N's touch screen and 10 snaps per second continuous shooting capabilities) which replaces the seemingly "only just release the other day" NEX C3K. The NEX-F3K also addresses some user gripes as it now provides a built in pop out flash (with the option to still use the snap in one too which is now also sold separately), as well as having a slightly thicker and slightly weightier form factor for more comfortable grippage of the camera so to speak, which possibly might also help to counter the weight of the heavier 18mm-55mm lens option too. 

The icing on the cake? It also now shoots full 1920 x 1080p video @25fps just like the NEX-5N too having previously been gimped at 720p in its C3 form. But at an RRP of 419GBP its still pretty steep. Lucky for you though there's a camera equipment store somewhere in Whales that will sell you a brand spanking new NEX-F3K for 299.99GBP with full 12 month warranty. Still a little steep? Well, they'll also throw in a further 3% discount if you pay by debit card over the phone and there's also free delivery within the UK. Still not enough? You're in further luck because there's also a 50GBP cash back rebate offer after purchase which brings the cost down to around £240 brand new. Click this to go directly to their site.