...and the reason why nobody else makes them this slim although its evidently possible?


One day all Netbooks will be this slim whilst being as affordable as today's more common entry to mid range offerings. Just not today or any time in the near future. But then again Sony having more then done their bit can pretty much do anything they like with their atom powered "ultra portables" bearing their logo since its evidently no skin off their chin to be putting it out at such premium. It won't stop us being able to access more affordable and eye pleasing aquatically themed variants that don't bear the Sony logo destined for other segments. What's new with this thing? Apparently a CPU refresh to a Z540/Z560 respectively, PS3 remote play, a touch pad and an accelerometer along with a whole bunch of other stuff I've not mentioned. They also reckon 5 hours without a mains socket to help out. Behold, additional premium netbook imagery aplenty below. (enthused but rather feeble sleep deprived cheer of yay...)