With windows phone 7 lifestyle hipster like GUI antics on the verge of bringing a completely fresh interactional take on the relatively unchanged and aging Windows mobile platform it might seem a little redundant to be talking about yet another windows mobile 6.5 handset. I mean lets face it despite some of the faux 3D visuals seen post version 6 the menu structures are pretty much the same as when it first started to gain any sort of popularity in none talkie stick capable PDA's.

Sure at this point we're apparently not supposed to like the now slightly more complex way of doing things that is Windows mobile in its 6.5 and yet to be fully released Windows phone 7 form when compared to all the various graphically big buttoned, beautifully rendered big icon object orientated driven sesame street like picture menu systems that are near idiot proof of today. However for me personally it was a bit like learning to master your particular native language that you grew up using, once you'd done it there wasn't much to it after which you pretty much had a powerful device/set of tools at your disposal that grew with each release as you did which still seldom ever got used to its maximum potential anyway. Needless to say the fact that you can install and remove software as needs required from a massively extensive catalogue of commercial and none commercial software still makes it a very viable option for people who like options and a relatively broad scope of updatability purely from an applicational use standpoint. My experience of the platform tells me it worked flawlessly for the most part despite all the banter I'd come across on the internet and extensive discussions about its efficiency as an OS all of which could more often then not be resolved with appropriate hardware/a different handsets and better software coding on the speed front. Sure it is a little yawnsome after so long but isn't that the case with any OS and device people buy and use?

Anyway, personal justifications for including this aside, I present to you the Samsung Omnia b7330. As far as I'm aware this thing has been hanging around since mid to early 2009. What caught my attention was its 7.2MB/s 3G capability on top of its GPS functionality that can either be used in Assisted or non assisted satellite relay modes. That means the GPS system should still work on this with offline maps installed on it even if there's no signal or you opt not to pay for some sort of subscription service. The square readout this thing has lets your eyeballs know things via the 320x320 pixels it capable of displaying which is pretty high for these sorts of devices. Plus its external design is none too shabby either. Not sure if it dips any lower but I managed to dig it up for about 179 quid here. Omnia Pro B7330 (UK, Black, QWERTY)