It's Street fighter X vs. Tekken in the street fighter X world. This kind of thing was just unthinkable when Tekken first landed on the scene. But a cross Street Fighter Tekken reality? There's something quite appealing to my more juvenile tendencies. But then having gotten engrossed with the whole Tekken thing somewhere near its launch there was no chance that any of the Street Fighter 2, Street Fighter 2 turbo or Street Fighter X cartridges would see the light of day ever again.  Not even the classic remakes of the Street fighter genre were enough to tempt me away from the Tekken continuum. Word of this whole thing was apparently bouncing about since 2010 and at least for now it looks like its console owners only that will be able to enjoy the kinds of rage inducing button bashing mayhem  that could bring the most seasoned of predictive combo locking expert into submission off the back off a fluky first timers frantic random button mashing efforts. However word has it that it MIGHT be making an appearance on the PC platform in the near future. Which then leaves the long left behind dilemma of having to acquire a suitable gaming control pad 'cos I couldn't imagine trying to seriously play it using a keyboard, if you don't understand this you should just steer well clear of this game altogether. You can get to the site by clicking here.