Zero4 (and none Zero4 owners with the appropriate hardware to run it on) wanting to try out vinyl emulation might be interested to know that the Native instruments Traktor pro vinyl emulation software is now officially retailing for half price at their official website. Meaning its now 99 euro instead of the usual 200 in Europe or $99 if you happen to be stateside.

Basically the Zero4 already has the hardware to run the Traktor pro software built into it so no need to buy an additional NI interface box. The only thing you'll be missing is the actual control vinyl records which you can pick up for $12.50 including free delivery from Amazon stateside and £15.99 from RUBADUB in the UK with free delivery within the UK. I'm assuming that you have your own vinyl turntable here too. If not and you're looking for an ultra compact alternative in the realms of midi control you want to check out Faderfox's range of midi controllers from the last two posts fi you don't already have something else in mind.

Official NI Traktor pro website.