Staying on the theme of machines with extremely thin writing pad like thickness, for all those who enjoy rapidly stroking their keys with pro like efficiency in comfort and yearn for .65" (yes, thats point-six-five) aluminum clad portability there's the DELL Vostro V13. There's also the added bonus of a 13.3" LED screen which would no doubt help toward assisting those of us with more myopic tendencies. The downside is that all the afore mentioned specs ontop of the core2duo 1.3GHz ULV will only get you 3 hours of tasking mileage whilst away from the wall socket which is comparable to the current gen of Vaio P's. Oh, and the battery isn't removable either. But at around $200 less its another option worth considering that would no doubt cater to certain practical needs given the context. Try putting one together here.