From a design standpoint there wasn't really much to get the pulse racing as far as Dell machines were concerned despite some of their more visually pleasing efforts in recent years, and generally in not being in the market to buy a new machine there wasn't much that made it stand out from the million on one other companies selling iCore speced machines. At least not in the way one particular company has in managing to keep people interested in what they do from a design perspective regardless of whether you'd actually buy one or not, this is also despite very little variation in external design from generation to generation.

Dell XPS 13 ultrabook

However more recently (from an external design standpoint) the tide seems to be turning with a whole spate of photographers seeming to now have a new eye to bring better lust worthy snaps of DELL's latest XPS offerings. The designs might have been trying to work the more industrial taints of the a fore mentioned slightly bitten logo'd uni-body machines for a couple of years now, (along with other main competitors HP), but it seems the collective user submissions off the back of a very recent Google search I did are turning out sexy snaps galore that bring out the "I want one of those" demon within me that kind of prompted me to search out snaps of the very latest XPS machines. My eyeballs weren't disappointed. It's official, the designs on the latest XPS machines are now sexy, and not in a "meh, its not a MAC" half assed kind of way. 

Dell XPS 14