Light Sabers are cool. If they were real and legal I'd own one, but then again I can't help but think it'd be too much like if I'd somehow managed to get hold of a couple of Desert Eagles, I'd generally have a greater propensity to want to live in certain parts of the US where use of guns are perfectly legal for home protection use and try to tempt the onset of a break and enter in the knowledge I'd have some over the top paired Jon Woo hand cannon capability to take down any potential victim(s) in a hail of Desert Eagle rounds, but maybe I'm just evil like that.  So I guess in that respects it might not be such a good idea.  But then again from what I heard it was also quite a busy time in infirmaries when Bruce Lee's Enter the dragon went big in the UK for the first time with everyone trying to mimic his blurry high speed midriff-over shoulder torso orbiting nun-chucking skills by many a taken adult fans despite most of the YouTube nun-chuck fail antics being from folk stateside. 

Don't get me wrong, even though they haven't quite gotten close to making a fully working light saber, as cool as it sounds of the "I definitely want one of those" variety, is making a retina/curtain burning/balloon popping S3 krypton laser attachment for a faux light saber generally a good idea? At the very least I can't see any of my potential foes having any useful vision left since I certainly wouldn't be using it to accurately point things out for them that’s for sure. Whatever the case wicked lasers is putting one out to aptly coincide with Star Wars day which I didn't know existed till the other day.