At one time the DJ mix/remix section of Korg's website used to carry a whole bunch of specialists variants of their analogue DJ mixer for all styles whether you were more of the club DJ or battle turntablist scratch DJ leanings. Some of their mixers even allowed for the combination of both as hi-speed, low latency, smooth-glide-rail-sliders using light sensors were used across much of their range including their digital/analogue combination mixers too in the form of the Zero4 and Zero 8. In being familiar with the kinds of reliability and flexibility Korg's mixers bring to the table I decided to give their site a visit to see what was new in their range, however it seems their numerous specialist variants have now all been culled for one single compact digital music mixing device to be left nestled in the mixer section of their website going by the name of the MP10Pro. 

Although it was pretty much an all digital device it seems Korg has opted to get back to the pure basics of the DJ workflow metaphor by only giving the MP10Pro a two turntable like setup within its compact form factor. With the MP10Pro (as a stand alone device) you can forget all your fancy multi-channel multi-deck juggling beyond a two turntable setup/metaphor. 

The MP10Pro as a stand alone device

Tonium pretty much demonstrated what could actually be done to downsize a fully functional 2 turntable like setup that was capable of potentially producing professional sounding results. More to the point they went to what could be said to be an extreme and made it all fit in a pocket sized device called the Pacemaker. It was even able to run on batteries alone for up to 3 hours, 3 hours is also roughly the length of an average DJ set. Despite this technological break through there were obvious drawbacks for those more accustomed with more regular professional DJ equipment despite the Pacemaker still being an excellent piece of portable DJ equipment that I also enjoy using when I'm not using my more regular sized gear. The MP10Pro is almost like the answer to all these potential drawbacks and issues that the Pacemaker presented for DJ's more accustomed to current professional DJ gear.


Essentially the MP10Pro is an all in one compact DJ device that allows you to mix MP3 and MIDI digital music file formats within a two turntable metaphor, it has a large central LCD colour screen and full sized controls for doing just that, displaying stuff. It also comes with an internal 160GB hard drive for storing all your digital musical leanings directly on the device.  Like the Pacemaker you don't need to connect it to a laptop/computer in order to use it for DJing but you will obviously need to connect it to some sort of computer in order to get you digital music onto it in the first place. Other then that it has a whole bunch of USB 2.0 and midi ports on it for connecting various other MIDI devices to it.