I pretty much missed the exclusive on this, but it looks like world renowned and UK based makers of pro industry audio hardware Allen & Heath went and did it again. This time they've gone digital with the XONE:DB4 DJ FX mixer. It boasts a dedicated looper on each of the 4 channels allowing you to sample up to a length of 4 bars and switch them up via the host of dedicated FX assigned to each of the channels. Basically it'll let you feel out and build new grooves, rhythms and patterns on the fly by using the effects and filters on each of the individual channels. If that wasn't enough this will also let you capture your magical in the zone wanderings so you won't have to worry about missing any of those original combinations or totally new sounds that you might just happen to discover as this thing also has its own built in 24-bit 96Khz 8channel/4 stereo soundcard which allows you to record your antics for working on when you get back to the studio. With its built in soundcard you could also use it as an audio interface when connecting it to your laptop/computer via USB2.0. With it being an Allen & Heath effort it goes without saying that this is going to be seriously high grade stuff but with an expected market entry price tag of 2 grand (UK sterling) its definitely not cheap. Expect to see it in pro audio outlets at around December time. More technical looking mixer like eye candy with flashing lights just bellow or click here for the for the official word on this thing.