So with all these affordable portable slick tablets rocking Wi-Fi with masses of on the go battery uptime and no 3G, I reckon things could get a little awkward if not tricky having had chance to become accustomed to the vast amount of internet browsing and video chat real-estate compared to your comparatively pokey smart phone screen.  No doubt any type of game that ends in "ville" would also be a damn sight easier to tap and poke at on your newly acquired faster and larger but still pocketable mobile computer. So what options do you have? Well you could go the expensive and long drawn out route of selling off your Wi-Fi only version and paying a couple of hundred extra for the 3G version, or you could just buy a pocket sized portable 3G to Wi-Fi router for 50 quid which will allow you to connect up to 5 of your own Wi-Fi capable devices to a single 3G connection just like an in home router... but on the go.

More pointedly Huawei has just dropped its latest pebble like portable pocket sized E5331 3G to Wi-Fi router which will continuously supply 3G mobile broadband connectivity for up to 5 hours running on batteries alone (280 hours standby). Of course you could always plug it into an available mains outlet too if you needed to go for longer, but as far as I'm aware the battery is also removable so you could also potentially carry spares.

 I'm not sure there are many 3G networks that are actually piping out 21.1MB/s second over the airwaves of people to use, but the E55331 does tack that feather to its cap as peak capability whilst on the flipside touting a potential maximum upload of 5.61Mb/s (again network permitting). 

So after charging the thing up it's just a case of popping in your sim card that you have your 3G service with, switch it on and then connect to it like you would to any other wireless router to then set it up from your web browser with the appropriate mobile network settings. I'm not sure I'd really want to be putting it my pocket near my junk, but no doubt you could optionally sling it in a messenger bag or for the in ladies their handbags.