Somewhere in between the sugar rushed marathon runs of the small hours slaying dragons whilst gorging myself on copious amounts of skittles (along with an assortment of other sweet biscuit like treats), I managed to temporarily pull myself away from the Skyrim world and give Assassins Creed 2 a spin. I don't think that there could be much more said about this game that hasn't already been said since its been working the higher placements of the gamers charts for some time now. Was I impressed? Sure, as the lighter retake on the matrix thing involves you being transported back to the renaissance period in Italy's history as you endeavor to unlock your innate assassin like abilities of your former past lives through your genetic historical ties in a bid to take down a secret societies meddling with time and history.

There isn't much biting of thumbs at rivals or feuding family gang fights that I noticed but the onset of impromptu street brawls (minus the Shakespearean speak) are hardly far and few between. The visuals whilst rushing the renaissance themed streets or whilst avoiding the general foot flow  of them via traversing the rooftops doesn't disappoint  to say the least and they've spared little effort in animating the grand and beautifully rendered renaissance setting to almost perfection.

One thing I do regret is not having played this before getting into Skyrim 5 for the fuller experience and a fuller appreciation of the game. It felt too much like it was just a "look see " rather then a full on obsessive "must...finish... To‚Ķstay-alive" draw towards it after just one night to have barely even begun the game to then immediately be pulled back to the depth and lure of a barely finished Skyrim 5 the following night.  Would I recommend this game? Most certainly. Will I get back to it? Once the Skyrim fever has worn off a little more. 

Stuff this game brought to mind

Source code (as in the movie), Hero's-one of the character's reminded me of the girl with a screw loose  who burnt her house down and does the electricity thing, the default X,Y mouse tracking settings made me feel ill. I should have played this before playing Skyrim 5.