It has all the elements to make me feel I was Batman whilst playing it. The graphics are enveloping and rich to really place you in that zone where it made me think this it how it should be. I am Batman! In my particular case it also should have been "in coming from" having played the C64 8-bit platform version of it many-many moons ago. Yep, no need to ask where all the wonderful toys are from as they're all pretty much yours and all at your utility belted disposal. 

However despite the fact that this games was put out last year I couldn't help but think that this was like a get back at Microsoft and vent kind of thing for releasing Windows 8 and for Pioneer putting out their AERO DJ rig just in how some of the bad guys were portrayed and rendered within the dynamic of the unfolding game plot and shaping dialogue, but generally it was no skin of my chin since I just see it as stuff that's there to use that actually works regardless of ideology.

But that aside the scenery is rich and gloriously dark in drawing upon all the more modern takes of the Batman franchise as you're thrown into the running man game show like arena prison that Arkham City has been turned into, a place for all villians to roam and run riot having been sectioned off from Gothem City by huge walls.

The ladies also haven't been neglected as there are parts that require you to take on the role of Cat Women as the caracter plots run parallel, cross and intertwine across the same citywide arena. They didn't neglect to ensure that the AV for Cat woman was highly detailed and most likely to get a few folk a little hot under the collar.

Generally you get around by using the the grappler to swing from pretty much any tall enough object and gliding, its a shame there wasn't the option get around via Batmobile too. Catwoman has the advantage of being able to crawl on the underside of surfaces and crawl up walls (a bit like Spiderman) in the absence of the ability to glide. She too can swing from any tall enough object via the use of a bull whip. What esle is there to tell? Its batman with elements from both the modern comic books and movie all rolled into one. 

Stuff that comes to mind whilst playing this game

Bruce lives on with Elvis' and Hendrix's recent passing a few years ago, however it all mainly seemed to be wrestling moves despite Mr Lee's linguistic torso lexicon of mannerisms coming through the Batman game character. Bullet time aplenty with fast arcade like combat. It almost felt I could have been playing a Robocop game in parts.