A futuristic fantasy vision of a 1920's/50's underwater utopian metropolis become reality within the Bioshock game reality which kind of goes horribly wrong. You as the protagonist have been turned into a product of it whilst also searching to untangle the weave of failures and deceit amidst twisted ego's and perceptions that led up to it all whilst trying to discover what actually happened to you. You don't really need to know what happened in the first Bioshock to be able to get into 2. The plot is certainly helped by some unexpected twists against the context of some food for thought fodder to keep things a little more interesting whilst making your way through the game.  


I can't really say much more about it without giving too much away, but generally if you're into first person shooters with a bit of an interesting story line to it, then this might certainly be the next game that you should try to get hold of if you haven't played it already. I'll definitely be on to the much anticipated prequel "Bioshock infinite" when it finally drops for general release.

Stuff this game brings to mind

Futurama but set under water and obviously with a little more of a serious less comedy orientated spin to it, Quake Arena, a darker nightmare version of Alice in Wonderland, a visually stunning Star wars like city-scape backdrop (but obviously underwater), a deep sea diving ED-209 but with a Robocop like conscience, Walt Disney having been woken from cryogenic stasis to possibly indulge a slightly darker side with modern technology at his disposal.