I've been hammering Dead space 2. In fact, I played it through twice I liked it that much. Plus I got a slick new custom bad-ass looking riot control police rig out of it (iron man like suit) with enhanced capacity decorated with a subtle red checkered pattern on the shoulder armor plates and a splash of blood across the front on the second run-through of the game. Too much detail? (Soz). I could bore you with a long in depth review but even the task of coming up with a short concise summary seems a little difficult to mind. Veteran masterschief's would feel right at home making their way through the single player narrative element and with more of a plot to go on too. The general game play and pace feels a lot faster and certainly much more fluid then the first release in the game series. The first game seemed to physically give me headache whilst playing it for some reason. They got the balance of quick fix arcade coin-op action and mood building suspense just right as they set you up for various all out adrenalin racing onslaughts (having nearly just cacked your pants with freaks suddenly jumping out of the dark silence at you to then be hit with a barrage of noise and inebriated sloth like groans whilst being mauled). Best played with the lights off and with a pair of decent sound cans on for the full effect. There were a number of rolling shoot out sequences that just seemed to throw me right back to the days of games like Operation Thunderbolt but obviously all wrapped up in the vastly more stunning visuals of now. Generally a game with more obvious classic themes of sacrifice and self redemption as you could choose to take on the role of a troubled hero haunted by his past. All in all for me to have liked it this much having just played Bioshock 2 its generally a good thing. 
Saving eyeballs

Although having said that, it would have been nice to have seen some alternate outcomes for different decisions and completing various things within certain time fames (or even outside of them as the case might be). It would certainly make repeat plays of the single player mode a little more interesting if not challenging.

Stuff this game brings to mind

Event Horizon (as in the movie about folding space and not the phenomena related Astrophysics), Unreal tournament, I'm the predator getting kitted out at my bench before going on a hunt to do predator like stuff. Quake, Doom, Masterchief, Star Trek engineering dept, Blade Runner city scapes, Aliens (as in the movies with face huggers in them), the Iron man suit in the remake of Iron man (but with more of a blue neon tint to it), Alien syndrome (but in 3D), The shining (just short of hearing the words "red rum" being croaked by some possessed kid), Operation wolf, Operation thunderbolt, Thunderbirds are go!