Out of the video vault archives in seemingly re-mastered visual glory comes the comical take on DJ culture that pretty much captures all its more desirable hedonistic turns along with all the lesser desirable pear shaped gory detail of the fall out. The pressures of DJ super stardom, living the rock'n'roll dream, and partying for a living on the sun soaked island of Ibiza all pretty much gets a little too on top for our protagonist superstar DJ Frankie Wilde. With a peaking coke addiction on top of the pressures to put out another hit album amidst the throws of succumbing to an actual hazard of the profession in extreme style, things are pretty much set to spiral downwards and fall apart at the seams when a DJ-producer becomes completely deaf as a result of it. But as ever once you've hit rock bottom there's only really one way you can go right? This kind of does it in over the top style too to remind me of what all this around us just is from the sub-atomic level that actually gives particles their properties to the more obvious sonic permutations right through to the residual traces of the big bang itself through out the wider universe  in a hippy kind of way.  Yeaaah maan. I guess visual waveform feedback for DJ mixing is also something that should be embraced too?