I was going to try to be all cerebral about it but having recommended it to someone today it just seemed more appropriate to just go with what I actually said about it to them for the main part. Apparently this was for the kids, but who was it intended for if the Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises wasn't? In any case the humor seemed to smack of Eddy Izard despite Will Smith's take on it which isn't a bad thing. Right from the rolling start the pace of the movie is kept moving along nicely with all the usual subtle details of humor that we've come to expect from the MiB movies. In ways its potentially predictable turns are kind of made less predictable as it throws nearly all the rules of "time travel" out the window along with all the potential paradoxes to potentially arise in favoring a more interwoven multi-verse like take on it. Yeah some might say cheesy but it left me with the warm fuzzies at the end at which point if you're a guy you might punch your pal in the arm and say "that was alright wasn't it?" just to re-assert your masculinity having possibly been choked up by the interwoven twists of fate that occur over time itself. You should see this if you liked the other men in Black Movies.