I'll like fast cars!! Maybe you do too!? Then I reckon you might want to grab a copy of need for speed 3 hot pursuit for your puter and hook it up to the nearest car windshield sized widescreen LCD (assuming you have one that is).  Next dig out your old driving gloves, or maybe you could use those wannabe bad boy golfing gloves you bought having only used them a couple of times in an attempt to enhance your bad boy image and never used them again, you could just pretend they're for driving? Now set the desktop fan adjacent to you and crack it onto high. Now you're ready to take on some of the worlds most desirable exotic sports cars in pixel form and unleash them on the virtual NFS open roads.

 What's the particular twist on this edition? The cops also have high speed exotic cars as pursuit vehicles at their disposal and you can also optionally choose to play as the speedster arresting long arm of the highway patrolling law.

The game is pretty much a petrol-heads visual feast right from the perusal of your gradually acquired  garage collection of automobile exotica through to hitting the actual roads (provided you have the relevant pixel rendering GPU hardware to do it all on).  The only thing I'm missing now is a gaming steering wheel and driving pedals but on current budget constraints I reckon I might just have enough for the fury dice. 




Things this game brought to mind

Why don't they do Grand Tourismo on any other machine other then the Playstation??!  This game looks stupid in 800x600 resolution. This games is too slow in 1280x800 resolution.  I like fast cars. I can't remember the last version of Grand Tourismo I played. The cars actually accumulate damage with every ding and scrape in each round during the game.