Yeah I know this should have been done and dusted long ago with Prototype 2 already out in the wild, but I thought I'd reactivate it from the game archive and give it another whirl just for the sake of it since I've still not been able to get a hold of part 2 yet. Admittedly the visuals whilst maxed out weren't as great as I'd remembered them to be having been exposed to the kinds of pixelated feed back from the likes of Dead Space 2, Skyrim V,  and Saint Row the Third (just after starting playing Prototype again/just before writing this), however they were still more than sufficiently engaging enough to instantly draw me back into the franticly fast paced quick fix stress relief whilst indulging in some high speed megalomaniac  destruction and carnage of epic proportions led by a narrative of wanton revenge for having turned the main protagonist (i.e. you playing as Alex Mercer) into an all powerful freak through a bunch of top secret experiments that kind of went a little pear shaped.

Plus you get to blow stuff up and partly level half of Manhattan in the process whilst trying to take down the zombie/bio organic infestation spreading across the city and the general population. It's definitely more arcade then strategy and most certainly at the time of its release the sotchy (and for the main part seemingly bang on) sound effects and the extent of detail in which they were applied over the expanse of the citywide game arenas stunning visuals that were all wrapped up in a stylistically cinematic kind of way more then added to it.

There's a fair amount of game interaction to be had too, you can pretty much near enough pick up any object that isn't fastened down (even some that are seemingly fastened down)  and use it as a projectile. In between going all Incredible Hulk like on everyone's asses you also get to run up buildings in a Matrix like kind of way whilst Parkouring your way (in the vain of Spiderman) from surface to surface.

Then having got to the building tops you can either choose to "free your mind" and leap from building top to building top or base jump and glide your way across the skyline. Not enough?  There's also elements to the game where you need to drive tanks and fly helicopters too (not surprisingly this also involves shooting shit up and blowing stuff up too).

 Combat is fast and furious as gradually acquire additional memories, powers and abilities through absorbing your foe which allows you to morph your limbs into various types of lethal weapons.

Sure you can always pickup the nearest automatic hand cannons or rocket launcher but the hand to hand combat elements are even more satisfying via morphing your limbs into the various types of blade implements for some fast paced slice and dice antics or alternately various heavy blunt implements for bludgeoning your targets to death/knocking them out of the scene as if you were trying to score a home run.

If things get a little bit too hairy there also the option to just all out and go a little mad by exploding in a streaming mass of mutant tendrils to impale everyone and everything in the local vicinity.


Still highly satisfying on a second run of it even after all this time. The visuals on highest settings are still quite stunning but obviously pale in comparison to more modern titles of the  genre. It also runs a damn sight faster and more smoothly with less base hardware requirements. It's definitely worth the budget price tag if you've not played it before.