Heller, military man. Wife and kid deceased "at the hands of the virus". He's pissed off, he wants revenge. But all isn't quite as he first thought as the web of intrigue from the official line shrouded in lies unravels for Heller to discover that his rage might have been a little miss-directed.

I'm all prototyped out. Was this game bad in the sense of it being awful to play as a video game for pleasure? Nope, not at all.  It most certainly extended and satisfied any Prototype like cravings for reeking destructive virtual havoc over the New York city scape whilst doing it with significantly progressed visuals over the environment from the first.

More quick fix fast paced open to explore arcade satisfaction guaranteed as far as less cerebral brawling run ins with military, elite military and oversized mutant monster experiments gone wrong are concerned.

There's definitely a slightly more patriarchal religious taint in its leanings this time round and whether that bothers you or not is down to your own personal taints on the matter, but for me personally the extended prototype like game play was enough to warrant my time and natural system burn in wear on my machine whilst frantically mashing buttons freaking out in a Matrix "HULk  ANgREE!" kind of way, but obviously with a far more complex pre-determined array of prototype character dialogue going on as the game progressed.

Not quite a last nights dinner for breakfast affair...

Sure it had me shouting "this is so f'n rigged!" at various points at the puter for being a little more challenging then the first part, but  it didn't quite have me as hooked in a "just one more minute kind of way" to then end up taking a break from it 18 hours later to actually sleep like it did the first time round despite this being a little more progressed on the game element front. One things for sure, the general virtual pedestrian foot flow have gotten a little more mouthy in numerous ways within the game.

Generally all those that aren't all prototyped out will certainly enjoy it more then I did and those who haven't played the first part will probably dig on this more so. But I couldn't help but think if it wasn't for the whole slew of other  games I've played since playing the first part the first time round I might have come away with even more jubilated wordings for the game.

Stuff this game brings to mind

The elite force costumes makes the character look like something out of a Woo-Tang video.  People actually hang out on the building tops this time round.  The in between challenges are a little harder to complete in this part then they were in the previous. I was actually pretty ill whilst trying to play this game (not because of the game).