When my bro first rattled off its name as something that I should check out whilst messaging on Skype it just sounded weird and generally something that I just couldn't be arsed playing despite knowing absolutely nothing about it (other then its title). However it turned out to be a game that fulfilled all the "if only it did this or could do this or had bits of this or did this like that did" category all rolled into one. It also did it in a way that kept me hooked. You just get to do all the thing you know you just shouldn't do and let off some steam in the process. Gangsterism gone rock 'n' roll on reality TV.

The lazy list

- Lock stock and two smoking barrels? Miami vice? Miisson impossible? Maybe Charlies Angels? Heck why choose?? 

- heavy cosplay and choice of slighty slicker get ups with a stack of options to customise your character to land it somewhere near hints of the sims 3. If that's not enough there's even a bunch of clothes store dotted all over the city to expand the character wardrobe and cosplay even further. Why not jut buy the the actual store(s)?

- Grand theft auto (but with vastly better graphics) 

- Add a generous sprinkle of the much more playable semi sim like elements but leaning more towards the arcade style car driving like handling of Need For Speed whilst burning rubber around the visually stunning urban matropolis, especially at night. 

- Ok then, maybe just another sprinkle with a whole stack of performance and cosmetic modding options for pimping out your gradually acquired automative garage collection carried forward from the stables of Grand Tourismo.

- Weird Japanese gamehows/running man like challenges with witty sarastic wipe out like commentary for stacks of cash which involves avoiding trying to get shot and generally being set on fire.

- add a dash of prototype like city roaming flight sim, street fight and car crushing urban tank challenges amidst all out gang clash rushes as you fight for control and buy up businesses to expand your empire.

- add the diced elements of Syndicate but with rival gangs instead of hired assains by corporations. In fact that's still kinda like GTA. 

- how about some call of duty modern warfare for good measure with a bunch of satellite and laser guided weaponry at your disposal.
- Now bring the WWF ring outside of the ring with some flashy wrestling take down antics in between creating piles of round shell everywhere during your gang run ins and bid to elude the onslaught when things get a little too on top? 

- randomly throw in some highly detailed skined scantily clad hot looking female AV's in various states of undress and fetishwear dress. Also the option to hang out in some virtual strip joints. 

- now take it online either in co-op or versus mode in a multiplayer setting beyond the optional single player narrative.


Someone must have done something pretty special for this to have even been allowed to be put together as a game to begin with since its like one of those things that could be done but usually just isn't for various artificial reasons. Even then it still seems like they held back on (or maybe even excluded) a whole bunch of other game elements that could have quite easily been included too for an even more expanse game.