I'm not sure that this would be enough to tempt long established World of Warcraft MMO dwellers away from their unlimited broadband connections since Skyrim 5 is pretty much a single player experience a long the World of Warcraft lines. But for me personally having never really played World of Warcraft in any serious way it made for an interesting change against my usual gaming habits of crunching first person shooters armed with a trusty Gatling gun of some kind. I remember how we used to joke as teenagers about dice-rolling turn based mock talisman wearing board gamers throwing cards at each other chanting wired spells 'n' stuff whilst babbling on about necromancy in archaic speak within their medieval barbarian bashing, dragon and unicorn chasing fantasy world. Skyrim is that but obviously without all the dice rolling  and the turn based element to it.

As a general outline the basis of the Skyrim world is formed around Norse mythology and they've made every effort to reflect that in the expanses of the rich and beautifully rendered 3D environment. The choice of the symphony like background soundtrack also ads to that epic feel and that general air of ethereal wonderment (for want of less flowery adjectives and superlatives). Yep it looks like I've temporary traded in my automatics and semi-automatics for spell casting, axes, war hammers and swords whilst running the Skyrim 5 world. I've only been playing it for 2 days and I've barely even begun to get anywhere close to finishing the game as I have done with a couple of other more recent games, although generally I reckon that might actually be a good thing, the potential for exploration is just vast to say the least. In fact it had the kinds of interactions that even I didn't even expect which have so far included… 

- Hanging out in various local pubs/Inns/taverns to optionally (or more like unintentionally) getting into pub brawls. From what I can gather it was triggered by me half inching a dagger off the tavern counter whilst actually trying to talk to the lady behind  the counter, it’s the same game interaction.

- Having some strange Elvin lady offer her services as a personal body guard/mercenary for 500 gold who reckons she's an artisan that will make art for me by painting with the blood of her victims. Alrighty then, I'll have some of that! She also keeps alluringly/very submissively asking me what would I like her to do, although there's only the option to get her to wait in a particular spot, attack someone (with the intent to kill them), exchange inventory items or half inch something from the surroundings. Never has the thought of exchanging inventory items momentarily been so exciting.

- Buying a gaff to kick back in or so they say you can, although I haven't actually got round to doing this just yet as I haven't figured out how to buy one yet. But apparently if you have more wizard like leanings over the obvious warrior thing you're gonna need an abode with an alchemy table in it so you can create your potions and spells.

- Join a weird university for learning spells and stuff. Yep, I'm not joking either as I found myself being inducted into some sort of uni for acquiring the craft of zapping people with magic and spells whilst I was just generally asking questions to get some in game tasks done. I ended with a dorm room to sleep in and library equipped campus to explore. Generally though I spent most of my time in the local university tavern although there were no signs of any student discounts on the booze. Plus it was pretty low on the virtual Norse totty count.

There's way too much other stuff to mention…

I generally opted for the easier (far more satisfying) slice and dice methods of taking people down in game but if you hone your mage like skills you could just cast spells instead. You could even do both. There are also specific take down interactions depending on which weapon you used whether that be the ridiculously sized blade that’s about the same size as your in world AV, the bone crunching war hammer or the lethal oversized war axe.  In parts the game pace did become a little slow due to the fact that I was left a little lost as to where you're supposed to go and what you're supposed to do in order to complete the deluge of acquired tasks whilst saying yes to everyone in game. Even when you start avoiding taking on even more requests/tasks within the vast expanses of the game there's still a whole bunch of more challenges that you could potentially take on too which I guess is only good for game longevity. I reckon you might need to consult some sort of game guide to get things moving along a little more quickly if you find yourself wandering around aimlessly, however the danger of this is that it could also result in you actually finishing the game in its entirety much more quickly then you would like so consider carefully before consulting an in depth online guide to this game. If you want a game that will last you a while this might well be worth your "coin" as scope for exploration is very broad with far less repetition on the challenge front. Outcomes can also change depending on how you choose to play.

Stuff this game brings to mind

World of Warcraft (but offline), the task completion/puzzle like element to games like Dizzy (but obviously this is well more advanced),  Monkey Island (but I haven't had to get into any grog spitting contests yet), myst (but obviously faster and with far less dialogue) , the fluid in game trailers of Assassins Creed 2 that I'd seen some time ago, role play gaming books where you had to go to such 'n' such a page for different choices (only this is obviously much more dynamic with more varied outcomes). It doesn't have an AI speech engine so you won't get to gauge the comic value of  a chosen name amidst the oldie worldy dialogue. The Gorean area's of second life where I found myself having to battle my instilled feminist like dislikes toward objectifying women whilst initially not getting the female slave thing and giving the players of the Gore SL world subtle grief for it, but at the same time strangely being drawn in to having a harem of female slaves to answer my every whim as they tried to subtly expose me to it without realising it at the time.