As expected, fast paced beat 'em up arcade action, but on the PC platform. All those from the veteran skool of Tekken finger twitching controllerism martial arts might want to take a less cerebral line of approach for this as much of the slightly more measured strategic chess like elements have been lost due to the setting within the game play dynamic of the Street fighter genre. So there's no side stepping and side step counter attack antics to be had here either. Just be prepared for an all out onslaught of high speed pixelated hand to hand combat.

There's plenty of satisfying high speed pre-emptive combo locking antics to be had whether that be calculatingly intentional or of the random button bashing 10 year old  kid kind to end your victorious reign over other well seasoned veterans and the Street fighter machine down at the arcade.  After which it’s a long wait till you get back on as one of your well seasoned competitors takes over and takes the little shit down having had chance to examine his controllerism randomness whilst watching stood behind you and force the little blighter into a one move wonder pattern and winning streak of a couple of rounds or so before unpicking it to finish it with removal.

Street fighter game fans will like this. A lot of none street fighter game fans will like this. Most Tekken fans will like this. If you generally like this game genre you like this.



Is it even possible to critique this aspect of games these days?!! It'll obviously be limited by the graphics card you've got in your machine and not the actual game. But I reckon even an integrated Intel 45 chipset based GPU will do quite well at lower resolutions with a 2GHz core 2 duo processor and 4GB of RAM under the hood to still resemble something that’s  visually still quite close to the arcade experience. Keep in mind that most standard televisions only do resolutions of  640x480 and most hi definition wide flat screen  televisions still only clock in at about 1080 x 800.

Things this game brought to mind

Too many street fighter 2/turbo/Super marathon sessions, teenage sore loser gaming console rage and flying game pads. It’s a lot more difficult to do grapple attacks in this then I remembered. I need to replace the single soft + medium + hard attack button assignment with a simple bottom press for grapple attack. Guile now sounds like a hippy surf dude when saying "sonic boom". Final Fight since there's a couple of background cameo appearances.