Turning words for movies feels a little bit beyond my scope. But the Avengers delivered a little more then I was expecting as far as big screen interpretations of comic book plots were concerned. Many other recent efforts have left me thinking "was that it?!" at the end. but this wasn't the case with this all star Marvel comic book super hero medley trying to fend off imminent planetary invasion by an alien army led by Thor's disillusioned demi-God sibling bent on the usual classic villain desire of power, revenge and destruction. Sound a little over the top? Yeah I thought so too but they managed to weave it all together as only a comic book plot of this kind could. I can't really say much more without talking it up to be more then it was for potentially getting too caught up in all the subtle details that I personally buzzed off that no one else would have really noticed. But generally as a modern Hollywood action movie intended for the box office hit rung that goes big? Sure it worked without coaxing my more cynical side to want to rip into it. It'd take me forever to come up with some sort of out of 5 rating for it so I'll just simply say I'd highly recommended it on the merits of what it was.