A rather controversial mention this time round, and I wanted to wait till I could actually get through to the initially inaccessible and overloaded Adobe servers when news of this first broke. A day or so on and it looks like you'll be able to acquire a full version of Adobe's CS2 suite with activation serial number from the adobe site. Alternately you can also download individual Adobe apps from the CS2 suite if you don't actually need the entire thing and just use Photoshop to keep your system light. 

All I know is that the CS2 suite and individual CS2 apps are fully functional on a machine using the supplied serial keys on the Adobe page. 

This will no doubt mean less of a load on the update servers for Adobe's most current CS5 and CS6 user base. Sure CS2 isn't exactly full on power user mega-lo-mania Adobe CS6 Master powerful, but CS2 as a 10 year old  fully featured version of Adobe's creative suite will still have most of the features beginners will need for retouching those pictures or putting together a school video or home project video.

An official statement from an adobe member of staff reckons it technically not free, but at the end of the day the link to the Adobe page is still functional and the activated Adobe apps on a machine still work. 

What Adobe get out of it

If nothing else Adobe get more attention, advertisement and increased traffic through visits instead of nothing at all from the pirate torrent sites who will be making on sign ups before you can access subscriptions and advertising anyway.

What you get out of it

You get a choice of legit untainted versions of Adobe apps from the CS2 suite which includes Photoshop, or even the entire CS2 suite as a single package out of it for free by registering your details with them. I guess you maybe want to click here in order to get the various individual CS2 apps for "free" while you still can.