I first came across this app about 5 months ago and even I admittedly thought that it was either going to be half assed or have some sort of catch for what it was promising it could do. At the time I had two hard drives worth of backup data die on my at exactly the same time. There was nothing different about my patterns of usage either with the only difference really being location. Previously I was staying in the UK and France where no such issues had ever occurred with these drives before despite using them in exactly the same way.

Anyhow, the hard drives were in such a state that it would tell me that the drives were not readable and needed to be formatted in order to be used which suggested to me that the master file table had somehow been corrupted.  Basically I needed a data recovery application that was able to read what was on the drives without having to use the MFT in order to pull all my original data off it and move it to a functioning hard disk. Many premium data recovery applications do this by doing a RAW data read of the damaged drive and I was a little stuffed since the premium data recovery app that I used to use had been lost some time ago and I wasn't willing to shell out another 60 to 70 dollars to get a replacement for it. Plus cash was a little tight to say the least. But after a long search for a fully featured free alternative that led to many tested dead ends I finally stumbled across Convar's PC inspector File recovery. Incredibly PC inspector file recovery was able to recover nearly all the data on both the corrupted drives without any difficulty at all and that was even with both the drives suffering from a barrage of cyclical read errors. In essence this app basically worked perfectly at the time. Even then I was still a bit dubious of it, maybe I was just looking to find something wrong with it believing that there had to be some sort of catch (at the time thinking possible unwanted discrete system access) given the fact it did the job so well and for free. But having put it off for so long I only got back to using it again due to another recent episode of the same kind of hard disk problems with a more recently purchased hard drive that was still relatively new. Coincidently it wasn't actually able to recover the data this time round as the cyclical read errors that it was picking up seemed to be much more severe in this more recent hard disk crash (which I eventually managed to repair using a different method). 

All the same since it worked so well the first time round it only seemed appropriate that it should get on the list of free apps to function perfectly for said purpose within certain thresholds. You can get the app directly from their site by clicking here.