I've had many non working SD card/portable flash media in my time to the point where they've become unreadable. Not because its become physically damaged in anyway, its usually due to something being written to the flashcard that shouldn't have been for it to have become a little corrupted.

The usual symptoms are things like it constantly telling you that it needs formatting whenever you insert it as well as possibly not being able to determine the actual capacity of it. Then when you try formatting it just tells you that it can't be done.

Here is a little something to help fix that. It basically detects the correct capacity of your SD flashcard and then formats it accordingly where your OS might not have been able to. Simple as that really. It won't help you recover any files from it, you'll need a separate mini app for that. The only thing it will do is fix it for you by making it usable again. If you do use this and it doesn't fix it then there's obviously something else wrong with it.

Hit the link below to the official download site of an SD association?? I never knew there was one but I do now. You'll find a version for OSX and a version for Windows included in the download. Enjoy your recovered flash storage card.

Click this to go directly to the official download page.