For all those looking to try their hand at getting on the web there's a fair few sites springing up making it easier then ever before to get on it. The tools they give you to build your sites are pretty simple to use allowing for very impressive results indeed. The site that you're on now was built using Yola. The only limitation is that they don't include a free custom domain. For something that's free the storage allowance of 1GB is very generous but if you're looking for something with a little more room you might want to consider going premium which also allows for larger file uploads. However going back to the custom domain thing; its possible for you to use one that you already have in conjunction with your free Yola site that you've built, but if you don't want to bother with the hassle of having to mess about for an all in one inclusive package with all Yola branding removed, the basic premium plan includes a free custom domain and will set you back $49.95 per year.

If you need something a little more flashy (pardon the bad pun there) there's Wix which I have actually had chance to try out. The interface and tools for building are pretty simple with easy drag and drop features allowing for easy construction and very impressive results within a very short time frame. However once you've built your free site there isn't the option to use your own custom domain in conjunction with it. In order to do that you'll have to upgrade to a premium subscription with them which start as low as $4.98 per month. There's an 18% discount if you pay for the entire year upfront at $48.96. The basic subscription package doesn't allow for the removal of the Wix branding.

Another place you might want to try is moon fruit. They also offer free and easy to build flashed based websites hosting with no moon fruit branding whatsoever. It also possible to use your own personal domains that you may already previously own in conjunction with your free moonfruit site.