So with Microsoft office now going to the cloud and being subscription based, I was looking for a fast and efficient alternative to Onenote. Although the new cloud based version of MS office is free to use with adds it still lacks a free version of the Onenote app. Step in Evernote, I did initially look into Evernote in one of its earlier forms, and I wasn't really that impressed at the time. Fast forward a few years and it looks like the format is now possibly just as slick as onenote (if not more so), but free! Evernote works a lot like the new cloud based MS office suite, you can get a premium subscription for it with additional features without adds, or you can use the free version with adds and a monthly data cap. Although admittedly there is something very reminiscent of the MS office suite about the latest windows desktop version of Evernote. In any case it essentially allowed me to quickly sync my notes across all my devices that had the Evernote app installed. Although I whole heartedly recommend it for its incredible ease of use and speed, I would certainly say use with caution. At one point it was the only new application that I had installed on my computer, and it was also at that time that there was a significant increase in hard drive activity for it to frequently lock the drive up and make it have spasmodic bouts of disturbing grinding or clicking noises. Make of that what you will but I will say this, as soon as I uninstalled the app again from that particular machine the a fore mentioned issues stopped. Having removed it from a main machine I now only run it from an old netbook with nothing really stored on it and also from a mobile device. I wouldn't be able to audibly detect it this time round as there's no moving parts on the cramped 16GB netbook SSD despite any potential continued unwanted increased drive activity possibly occurring. [download and use evernote for free]