There've been plenty of times where I've been trying to fix someone's computer by trying to give instructions over the phone or via some kind of instant messaging app to feel more then a little frustrated that I just couldn't just do it myself directly. 

Enter Team Viewer…

I'd seen this before quite a while back and it was definitely something that I had wanted to get a hold of back then. But the price tag for the licensing that came with it was definitely something that left it out of general affordability for most punters for this specific type of remote access and support application. Unless that is you were fortunate enough to have some corporation behind you to foot the expense. 

Basically it’s a very easy to use program that allows you to remotely manage or administer a high level of hands on/onsite like support across a network or over the internet with very little hassle with configurations and settings when compared to other solutions that I've used in the past. I reckon that even if you have absolutely no idea how to configure the simplest to the most complex of firewalls this thing will more then likely be able to negate any potential complications and general complexities within a few clicks that would otherwise leave most average punters scratching their heads wondering why it won't connect without. (...within reason of course). But for the most part it was able to get round the tightest of custom firewall settings although it did come a little unstuck with the highest un-customized blanket settings of a hardware based in home router.

This is simple along the lines of how iTunes is able to configure itself via the bonjour applet whilst trying to get Apple to Apple network connectivity rocking across a network, but obviously Team Viewer does it in the context  of full remote system access within a windows environment.

Even if you need to reboot a system in order  for updates and drivers to fully install you'll still be able to remotely login and access a system even from the Windows login screen in order to fully complete your remote support tasks after a required reboot. (That’s provided that you remembered to set it to the unattended mode which you can choose to activate or deactivate on your remote system(s) at any time)

I was very surprised to find the latest release of this as something that was being offered for free. However the catch its  only free to use for none commercial private purposes. That doesn't mean you'll get a gimped version by any means as they have pretty much included all the core useful features of the paid premium version in this version too.

With this re-launch they've gone all out with highly polished pocket sized and tablet toting versions for iOS and for Android which are also free to use for "private" and personal use.

Enough of the "talking it up", so how did it actually perform? Well from a full hands on it basically did exactly what it said on the tin having tested it over a local network and the world wide spanning digital web to have successfully updated and tuned up the wife's laptop on the other side of the world. 

All it required was for a 3MB file to be installed on your machine and for it to be installed on the machine that you wanted to remotely fix/access. Then all you needed to do is register the machine(s) with a Team viewer account. After which all you'd have to do is log into your team viewer account via the application and select which of your computers you wanted to access. Its that simple. Even if you don't have the application installed its still possible to access it via a web browser provided that your remote system is on and you know your log in details.

As far as pocket sized desktop remote antics go I've only tested out over a local network so far via iOS. It worked as they say(you could even add "with optimal efficiency" if you like), what more could be said?