I can't say that I've actually tested it since I didn't have a spare host OS to test it on. I did briefly try to get something on the go within a VM but it looks like the VM's host to VM USB routings didn't like my generic USB midi interface for getting a midi controller hooked up to it. But from the many rave reviews its been getting it sounded like it would be worth a mention. There's not much else I can really say about it other then it has a slew of very well known certified tested midi controllers on its roster including many famed industry standard variants. Even if your particular midi controller doesn't have a pre-made midi mapping for it there's also the inclusion of a MIDI learn wizard to help you assign the various control elements of your unlisted MIDI controller. Even more surprising is the fact that it also has a vinyl emulation feature that can be used with industry standard Serato time coded vinyl's/CD's or final scratch. Other then that all I can say is that on the interface front it looks very visually polished which is helped along by a choice of 5 different skins to make you feel slightly more at home using it. Available for the PC, Mac and Ubuntu (Linux) here.