Windows 8 might have Skype integration out of the blocks, but for the rest of us that won't be upgrading to Windows 8 quite just yet for many reasons despite the low price, there's Skype 6. What's new in Skype 6? Well its no secret that Microsoft had acquired Skype a while back with eBay seeming to have made a huge loss on it. But for something that was palmed off as being a blight the huge demand for Skype and its popularity was hardly a reflection of this given the numbers of people completely abandoning using MSN messenger for Skype. Eventually people just ditched the MSN messenger app completely to solely run the Skype app. Version 6 of Skype wants to address this as Skype in its post version 6 forms will now also tidily integrate MSN messenger instant messaging along side the current Facebook instant messaging for an all in one conveniently streamlined instant messaging and video conferencing experience all within Skype. For all those wanting to get to grips with the app right this moment you can get to it by clicking the link below. However video conferencing for the MSN messenger component hasn't been completed just yet despite instant messaging being fully functional. Obviously you can expect that to shortly follow in the updates still to come. Get skype 6 for Mac and Windows here.