After years of being moaned at by its fans the makers of viber have finally decided to put out a public release of the desktop version of it. All I can say is so far so good based on the actual ear meltingly (in a good way) crispy clarity of calls made and received via the desktop app to a destination half way across the globe where the general domestic broadband isn't exaclty always the most reliable. Even better was the fact that the desktop app was so damn light as I was even able to roll the whole gig smoothly and quickly on an old single core 900Mhz celeron powered ASUS net-book with 2GB of RAM crunching numbers for a Windows 7 OS. (the stock 16GB SSD was hardly the quickest either).

There's also a beta video chat mode to try out, but I've not had chance to fully try that out yet although I'm kind of thinking its going to be pretty stable and more clearer than Skype for a lot of people due to its lower bandwidth requirements as well as the added security of cellphone text authentication and number linking. Lets just hope the compression they use is up to scratch.

Generally everything seemed to work much more smoothly than Skype would under similar scenarios, there wasn't the feeling that people were being nosy by discretely cutting in and out of video sessions or voice calls with like a million people logged into the same single account for complex multiple login routings to screw up the immediate user experience. 

You'll need your cellphone with an active working cellphone number to actually be able to get the verification code and use the desktop app once linked.