Ok so if you wanted the ease of use and solid reliability of the VMware platform for setting up and running your virtual machines but in no way wanted to shell out for the hefty price tag you're in luck. The latest version of VMware Player is free to download and use in the form of VMware player 4.

This is for everyone who wanted to try the Windows 8 developer or public preview only to find that VMware workstation 7 isn't actually able to setup and run Windows 8 as a VM. This basically meant that if you were still running VMware workstation 7 you had to pay full whack to get to VMware Workstation 8 as VMware Workstation 8 will run Windows 8 as a VM without any problems. But since VMware player 4 is built on VMware Workstation 8 you can get a Windows 8 virtual machine up and running for free using VMware player 4.