Symptoms - track channel volume slider automatically slides back down every time  user sets it all the way to maximum volume by sliding it quickly.

This usually happens when a generic sound leveling/cap compressor has been assigned to a particular channel with a user or pre-defined peak threshold setting. That is when the sound level goes beyond the set peak output level the assigned compressor will automatically lower the levels for you to stop it from going beyond the specified/pre-defined peak level setting. 

However with no compressors being used in the entire workspace let alone assigned to the actual channel it shouldn't have been doing this to begin with at all. 

How the issue arose

My Digital Audio Workstation has been suffering major performance issues for the past month or so (or rather more so then usual). In fact I'd almost given up on it. It's always been stuttering and suffering from audio drop out in a more milder capacity but its only gotten a lot worse more recently. No matter what I've tried thus far just to try and get it back to its state of milder problematic operation nothing seems to have worked. Trying to get it working 100% is obviously the ideal but seems impossible under Windows 7 through out the whole time that I've used it with the Zeor4 mixer on this machine.  The above described symptoms began to persist when I remembered to kill a whole bunch of unnecessary background windows 7 services in order to improve system performance, the goal being to restore it back to its milder state of problematic operation. 

Initially I did think that the work space had become corrupted but with testing in a fresh new work space the issue still persisted. 

Could it have been something to do with the actual system drivers or possibly even the operating system itself? The logic there being that the changes were made in the OS (in order to get it to its still choppy but still better performance of previous) and not on the mixer itself. But after a complete re-install of the audio card drivers to no success and a subsequent complete fresh re-install of the operating system (complete with re-calibration)with no success either I could only think that it had somehow screwed up the mixer.

The mixer hardware reset procedure (via holding down the gate play & cue split button at the same time when powering on) didn't fix the issue either. 

It might seem a little more involved then it should be, but it worked… (...screw drivers at the ready)

- Unplug the mixer 
- Go inside the mixer and disconnect the mainboard ribbons
- Disconnect the slider board ribbons
- Wait a few seconds
- Reconnect everything
- Close it up again

Upon retesting it seems the above procedure cleared the anomalous assigned compressor like behavior that couldn't be removed. 

Something that might fix everything on this DAW? (...under Windows 7)

It's just a hunch, but dis-allowing all discrete remote access to my system/viewing. Especially those who don't know what the fuck they're doing and change stuff/saved documents on my local system to cause stuff to fuck up even more.