So after trying W7 again for it to fail what else was there I haven't yet tried? Running it all from my hybrid SSD. There's a reason why I didn't want to do this, mainly because if it previously was able to work perfectly on a standard 7200RPM spinning platter hard drive under a higher system load, why could it now not function without any problems with an even lighter processor load having removed and deactivated a whole bunch of audio effects and plugins. This was the reason I was originally so determined to make it all function again on the same setup without using my hybrid SSD, but now having tried everything else with no return to any semblance of reliable functionality it seemed like the only logical option. If using the hybrid SSD wasn't going to fix it then I don't know what would. But after a massive re-shuffle with the moving around of gigs of data and a couple of fresh re-installs of Windows 7 to re-arrange my multi-boot setup there was now enough room to run my Ableton DAW setup in conjunction with the Z4 from a vastly faster hybrid SSD. The idea here being that the vast amounts of extra speed from the hybrid SSD should get rid of a lot of the hard drive access lag, increase streaming performance and lower latency times. Meaning it should have eliminated the audio drops and stutter. If it could make my general day to day boot instance as well as my gaming boot instance run over 70% faster and smoother, surely it could only do wonders for a DAW setup?

With Windows 7 64, Ableton Live 7 and the Z4 running from the Seagate XT hybrid SSD… didn't seem to make the blindest bit of difference as all the same issues that occurred when using the regular 7200RPM drive still remained. In fact it even performed worse as the SSD would also now overload (where it hadn't done in the same severe way when using the standard 7200RPM drive with the same kinds of system loads) and cause the hybrid SSD drive and Ableton to briefly lock up at roughly the 40 minute mark of each meandering recording sequenced session. After which the session would continue to roll like it was being streamed to some other place and I would get no sound at all on my machine until I reset the entire app and Z4 mixer. It was now even overloading when just reviewing recorded sequenced mixes too when using the hybrid SSD! That's how bad it was. It was almost like something away from my local system was even more demanding just because I had a faster hard disk in my machine which made things even worse on my laptop rather then improving things. Possibly maybe even remote system sabotage?