I've not been able to get it to work at 192KHz audio mode with any windows 7 based computers I've used so far but you might have better luck. If you're already working in total midi mode on the mixer in conjunction with the built in audio card of the mixer, you'd hardly be missing out if you can actually get it to work in a stable way at 192KHz since you'd be using the EQ modules and effects in your chosen DAW app. Switching to 192Khz ASIO mode causes the EQ settings and effects on the mixer to not function at all in analogue or hybrid audio modes. Here's how to try out if the mixer will work at 192KHz audio streaming mode with your machine.

1. Don't power on the mixer just yet...
2. Hold down the loop sample "KEEP" and manual BPM "TAP" button at the same time
3. Now power on the mixer whilst keeping the afore mentioned buttons pressed

The lights across the entire mixer should run in test mode as normal, however in the BPM count read out you should see it display "A192" to indicate that its running in 192KHz ASIO mode. If it works it should show in the Korg control panel running. If not it'll show ERROR.